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How to make a weighted blanket

Steps to making a weighted blanket:

1. Lay top of fabric (yellow minion) face down with a thin white fabric directly on top. Using a ruler, determine how many pockets you want on your blanket and draw a line marking your measurements. Here I am making a blanket that is 4 x 3 ft. I have made the pockets each 6 inches.

2. Pin down the top fabric (yellow minion) to the white fabric with the measurements clearly marked. I like to use two different colored stick pins to help remind me where to NOT sew. These spaces are important when filing your blanket with the poly pellets. You'll see in the video that I used pink pins where I needed a gap.

3. Time to sew...Sew one continuous line down the center (yellow pins). Sew the next lines with gaps where the pink pins are located. Again, this is where the poly pellets will travel through to fill the pockets.

4. After your pockets are made, you are ready to fill the blanket with your poly pellets. Fill one row at a time, taking care that all the beads slip through the spaces and make it to the allotted pockets. Be very careful on this step because the beads will break your needle! Stitch over to close the space and secure the pocket. Move onto the next row.

5.  When pockets are complete, it's time to place your backing. Lay out the back fabric and lay your weighted portion of the blanket on top. Fold and roll the back fabric over the top and hold with a stick pin. Stitch entire perimeter of the blanket to secure top and back fabrics. I like to double stitch this part;)

Final Product:

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