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Can babies use weighted blankets?

I've had a few people reach out and ask if babies can use weighted blankets. I think it all depends on the situation. How old is the baby? What weight of blanket are you using? Where is the baby using it? 

Here is a review from a customer that has used a weighted blanket appropriately for her baby:

"I love this so much I would give it 100 stars! My son (now 4 months) has screamed when in the car seat since about 2 weeks old. It was torture to go anywhere with him. We use weighted blankets with my students at school (I’m an SLP) and figured this was worth a shot. Since about the second time using it it has helped him with his startle reflex and anxiety when in the car seat. He even falls asleep in the car now which is huge!!! I bought the 3lb lap pad. It was heavier than I thought for 3 lbs but it will be nice when he’s older If we continue to need it. Since it was a bit heavy and he was only about 3 mo when we started using it (he weighted about 14lbs then) I draped half of it off his body so it wasn’t too heavy for him. The fabric and quality is great! Thank you for this product!"


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